Last-mile delivery challenges

Logistics professionals constantly face challenges and changes in last-mile delivery. According to FreightWaves, truckers face the following changes or obstacles in the near future:

  1. Weather conditions

Bad weather conditions such as flooding and heavy storms, lead to deliveries being delayed or not arrive at all.

  • Special apps

Potential pitfalls like wrong addresses can make the delivery process extremely difficult. Specialty apps are new to the market and attempt to eliminate these pitfalls.

  • Robots

Even though robots are still in the early stages, they could become a reality. Robots may replace short-haul truckers. Read more about robots on FreightWaves.

  • Differentiation

Last-mile delivery companies find it hard to stand out from their competitors. While Amazon is the industry leader, other companies fail to differentiate.

  • Fulfillment centers

The challenge of creating a fulfillment center distribution network that reaches rural and urban areas is a major concern for logistics companies.